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Welcome to our experiential project hub!  Here, College of Professional Studies students share their experiential and research solutions  for a rapidly growing network of organizational partners.

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Husky Communications Promo Video

 How did the concept of a bento box inspire Yanying Yan’s promotional video for Husky Communications, our digital marketing agency?

With a goal of raising student awareness of Husky Communications, she uses video to help you visualize how students gain project-based experience working with a wide range of sponsoring organizations. You hear from students and sponsors. Enjoy the contents of this visual bento box!



Ather Ahmad / Johanna Chen / Leo Zheng / Nancy Wang / Raissa Talehata

This team of Digital Media students created a prototype of NUMedia, a start-up media venture with a mission of amplifying student voices across the global university network. 

NUMedia’s goal is to build an audience by curating inspiring stories and sharing them across multiple media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Podcasts, etc.


Diplomacy Lab

 Andrei Antonescu / Jeff Redman / Neha Hamzah

Social media has emerged as a critical communication channel for global public opinion. As part of an interdisciplinary Diplomacy Lab project, this Corporate and Organizational Communication student team analyzed how social media influences perceptions of hate crime.  The goal was to help the U.S. State Department monitor the impact of these perceptions on foreign policy.



International Trade Data Trends

James Harris explored the relationship of international trade between partner countries based on product type, trade value, and year using data from the Harvard Atlas of Economic Complexity. 

The dashboards created from the data sets seek to display the past relationships between countries in regards to trade values and use these trends in conjunction with Complexity Indexes to determine potential future increases or decreases by product type and partner.


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Testimonials About Experiential Learning

“It was a win-win. I got some tremendous value from the recommendations provided by the Husky Communications student team to raise awarness of our lab’s services.  And I believe the students learned a lot about managing client relationships.”

Jared Auclair

Director, Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Lab, Northeastern University

“The experiential capstone project that I worked on was so meaningful to me. I was able to activate my knowledge and skills for an organization whose mission resonated with me — and my professional network also expanded as a result.”

Nichole Yates

Alumna, Corporate and Organizational Communication master's program

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