Project Overview

As the owner of Sit. Stay. Forever. a Maine-based company that makes safe and sustainable pet products, Steve Whitney wanted to move the business to the next level of efficiency and profitability. To boost sales, Steve realized that he needed to revamp his website and implement a social media strategy. That’s where collaboration with two graduate student teams from the Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies came into play.

Project Deliverables


The digital media capstone team focused on creating a comprehensive new brand book, designing a modern Amazon storefront, revamping the website, and producing branding videos. The students also developed a social media growth strategy, conducted hashtag research, and designed new product labels.

At the same time, the SEO student team formulated a robust search engine optimization strategy. The students conducted detailed keyword research, competitive analysis, and revamped the website’s metadata, ensuring optimal online visibility


September-December 2023


SEO Strategy and Implementation

Digital Media


Student Consultants

SEO Strategy and Implementation Student Team

Min-Hung Ho

Chirantan Sanjay Jain

Linh Tran

Li Zuo

Digital Media Capstone Student Team

Shihua Cao

Stephan Greenidge

Taoyu Jiang

Shao Kan Lan

Jiajun Wei


“Working with these student teams has been a fantastic experience. The strides my company has taken in SEO, website development, videos, images, social media, and more, have been nothing short of remarkable. It feels like hitting the jackpot!”

Steve Whitney

Owner and Project Sponsor, Sit. Stay. Forever.

“This project highlighted the evolving landscape of modern marketing, emphasizing the need for professionals to be versatile and interdisciplinary. This experience was a practical demonstration of these principles, equipping students with the skills to navigate a diverse media landscape.”

Christina Inge

Professor , Northeastern University

Project Presentation

Project Sponsor

Sit Stay Forever – Safety First Pet Products, where the bond between pets and their owners is celebrated with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and the joy that animals bring to our lives.


“Our mission is clear: to offer the safest toys and beds available in today’s market, all while contributing significantly to the sustainability of the Earth’s resources. At Sit. Stay. Forever, we invite you to join us in creating a world where our pets thrive in safety and comfort, and our planet flourishes through responsible choices.”