Web Design, Development & Video Production

Project Overview

Over a six-week period in the summer of 2021, a team of five Digital Media students, guided by Professor Christina Inge, developed the prototype of a start-up media venture called NUMedia. This was a co-curricular project.

The team explored stories that would spark the interest of a student audience: Innovative research conducted by Northeastern faculty, experiential projects conducted by student teams, the favorite places of students in every campus location.

The other challenge was to convey these stories  across multiple media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Podcasts, etc. to amplify student voices across the global university network and build a sense of community.


Project Objectives

A vast amount of content is generated daily across the university. However, only a fraction of that content is captured and shared internally and externally. As a start-up media venture, NUMedia’s mission is engage and inspire students regardless of location by sharing content in innovative ways. 


Fall 2020 – Present




Our Team

Ather Ahmad

Johanna Chen

Leo Zheng

Nancy Wang

Raissa Talehata

Student Testimonials

Working on the NUMedia prototype has been an unforgettable and rewarding experience and challenge for me. We built NUMedia from scratch, designing the framework and structure of the website and creating examples of content in a variety of media.

I’m so proud of what my team accomplished in such a short period of time! I hope that NUMedia evolves into a global platform so that Northeastern students — and other members of the university community —  can share creative ideas and stories.

Leo Zheng

It was an incredibly valuable experience working on the NUMedia prototype from start to finish. We wouldn’t have imagined how this project can open up new opportunities and have an impact on the Northeastern community globally.

My favorite part of working on this project was having the chance to connect and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff members from different colleges and programs — learning about their passions and listening to their voices.

In addition to applying our digital media knowledge and skills in creating the NUMedia prototype, we also had the opportunity to hone our presentation skills when we pitched the concept and discussed our vision with university communication leaders. 

Raissa Talehata

Our Design Process

Logo Development

User Research

Research Goal

This research is conducted to understand and discover goals and motivations of our target audiences when they are trying to find information in a journalism or news website. We would like to learn the type of content that will attract our target audience and understand popular news channels and relevant topics that they are interested in.


  • Recruitments
  • Contextual Interview
  • Thematic Analysis
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Research Key Findings


  • 2 Current Students
  • 1 Alumni
  • 1 Faculty

User Research Analysis

Product MVPs

Video Content

Promo Video

Interview Video

My Favorite Place on Campus Series by Student, Faculty, & Staff

Video Production

Video Workshop

Post Production

  • Rough cut raw footages
  • Color correction
  • Sound edit
  • Music
  • Motion graphics (transitions, lower third, start and ending scene)
  • Adding Captions


  • Adobe Premiere

Highlight Article

Editorial Process Flow

  • Chasing leads

  • Streamlined process where concerned depts and colleges reach out to us

  • Line-up interview/Gather information

  • Writing the copy

  • Peer Review

  • Upload

  • Develop supplementary content ( vids, insta stories etc)

Design Systems

User Flow

Style Guide


Home Page

About Page

Project Sponsor

Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies is committed to providing career-focused educational programs that are designed to accommodate the complex lives of motivated learners. Offered in a variety of innovative formats, our courses are taught by accomplished scholars and practitioners who have real-world experience. The result is an educational experience founded on proven scholarship, strengthened with practical application, and sustained by academic excellence.

Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a comprehensive, global research university. The university offers more than 80 undergraduate majors and more than 165 graduate programs, ranging from professional master’s degrees to interdisciplinary PhD programs. Northeastern’s research enterprise is aligned with three national imperatives: health, security and sustainability. Northeastern students participate in co-op and other forms of experiential learning in 90 countries on all seven continents.