S.E.W.N. Africa – Social Media Strategy

Project Overview

Our project focusses on creating the social media strategy for S.E.W.N. Africa through Intercultural Communication perspective. While creating this plan, we focused on one of the key stakeholders: Apple and tried to express the strategy through both organizations’ perspectives.  

Project Objectives

  •  Provide a social media strategy for S.E.W.N. Africa. 
  •  Designating intercultural communication frames to support the organizations’ culture. 
  •  Creating the brand identity for S.E.W.N. Africa. 
  •  Designating the relationship between the intercultural communication frames and social media strategy.  

Student Reflections

As a team, we were able to understand the mission and vision of S.E.W.N. Africa and implement intercultural communication frames through the social media perspective. Being able to work with an organization that has such noble mission and vision made us even more motivated to approach the matter creatively. Even though we never met in person, due to COVID, we managed to bring different perspectives together, implement the valuable information that we received during our classes and hopefully, create a resource that can be used in real life. Being able to present our ideas and perspective to the leadership of S.E.W.N. Africa and discuss our perspective with them was very valuable.  


May 2021- June 2021





Nimi Patel

Jack Fulton

Bengisu Onal

Solal Antoine

S.E.W.N. Africa Project

Project Sponsor

S.E.W.N. Africa is a non-profit organisation that offers collaborative and experiential approaches to circular material sourcing and regenerative product design education and innovation.

S.E.W.N. takes a sector-specific approach that is inclusive of women, the youth and marginalised communities. In doing so they are steadfastly working towards the empowerment and economic development of a wide range of individuals in communities across the continent.