Animal Care Systems

Project Overview

Our project involved providing Animal Care Systems (ACS) with insights and strategies to better leverage their communications. We began with collecting data and accompanying information through a series of virtual meetings as well as independent study. Our research findings and recommendations for future action were based on cumulative data collected over the course of approximately eight weeks. Together, we provided ACS with a series of recommendations intended to improve brand awareness, customer retention and sales, as well as to streamline their internal and external communications. 


Project Objectives

  • Build awareness of Animal Care Systems (ACS) through improved website and social media communications 
  • Monitor the company’s overall feelings and thoughts about our consulting work 
  • Build a strong and trusting connection with the people at ACS 
  • Create an effective communications strategy that resonates with their audience 
  • Empower ACS employees to create stronger communications that generate more impressions and sales 


    Student Reflections

    Overall, our experience with Animal Care Systems was positive. A collaborative team dynamic and authentic communication facilitated what was a productive learning opportunity that resulted in well-rounded deliverables for this project. We were both able to apply our program and course learnings every step of the way; seeing it play out in real-time, in a real-world scenario was invaluable.  


    April 2021 – June 2021





    Natalie Timperio

    Paul Barlyn

    Animal Care Systems Project

    Project Sponsor

    Animal Care Systems (ACS) is a laboratory animal housing company headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. ACS provides both its products and services to and within the biomedical community; its caging systems ensure a comfortable living environment for laboratory animals, in addition to providing space for socialization, rehabilitation, and more.