Husky Communications Promotional Video

Project Overview

This capstone project involved production of a promotional video to increase awareness of Husky Communications among students.

Project Objectives

The main goal was to generate awareness of Husky Communications — who they are, what the organization does and why, as well as how the program works and how it benefits various target audiences.  

    Student Reflections

    Working with the real client was a fantastic experience for me. Listening to the needs of the client, fully understanding them and putting them into shape. The client gave me lots of meaningful suggestions to make the video more credible.


    May 2021 – September 2021



    Student Creator


    Yanying Yan

    Husky Communications Promo Video Project

    Project Sponsor

    Husky Communications is a virtual public relations firm designed to give Northeastern students hands-on experience in working with real-world clients.