2021 RISE Award Recipient – Victor Aimi

About the RISE Awards

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Project Overview

Modern platforms make it possible to sell our products and services around the world yet reaching out to people in other cultures remains a challenge for most entrepreneurs. My presentation provides a solution to the cultural challenges of international websites by applying methods from cultural intelligence theory for more effective communication with people anywhere in the world.

Project Objectives

  • Address challenges that impact the return on investment of international websites
  • Bring together cultural research and technology practice

Student Reflections

I seem to have a blind spot around this notion of cultural insecurity I mention in my project. Like many people publishing international websites, I’m an immigrant. Part of the reason why I did my master’s is to become more confident in my ability to develop my profession in the US. The project helped me make sense of my current education experience, bringing together content I learned in different courses with the concepts we worked on with Prof. Goodman, plus the research I did at the library, and conversations I had at work.


November 2020 – April 2021




Victor Aimi

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