Handbook for
NU Student Temps


Project Overview

NU Student Temps (NUST) was created in December of 2020 as a new avenue for student employment. Specifically, this initiative aims to benefit international graduate students who are  underrepresented in student employment.

This project allowed me to cohesively apply knowledge and experience gained in both my role as a HR Coordinator for NUST, as well as a graduate student in the Human Resources Management program.

I was very pleased with the result and hope it is beneficial to student employees going forward.

I owe a huge thanks to my sponsor, supervisor, and mentor – Tommy Furlong for all of his support.


Project Objectives

  • The objective of this project was to deliver a handbook to be referenced by Northeastern University Student Temp hires.
  • The handbook is concise and only contains crucial information for student employees.
  • The table of contents includes: Introduction, New Hire Process, Payroll, Rights & Policies, Cultural Training, Rules of Conduct, and Professional Agreements.


September – December 2020


Capstone Consulting Project in the Human Resources Management master’s program


Ryan Rathbun