Tayla Made – Website Redesign

Project Overview

Tayla André is a business owner who provides real estate and financial management services to people in the Boston area. Working with Tayla, our team identified the opportunity to revise her website so that it was clear from the first visit to her site that real estate was core to her business and so that the site’s messages really resonated with visitors. I wrote new content for her website, sourced images, and redesigned key pages to create a robust customer experience and to highlight Tayla’s distinct offerings to her customers.


Project Objectives

  • Make the website homepage a true home for Tayla’s target audience: people interested in real estate and financial management in the Boston area. Include Tayla’s core messaging about her strong ties to the community, deep knowledge of the area, and social justice for people of color.
  • Create a landing page for Tayla’s real estate business including Tayla’s distinctive competencies as a realtor, core messaging, and testimonials.
  • Enhance the website brand with color, imagery, and Tayla’s signature purple.
  • Cross-link web pages for easy navigation between key areas of the site.


Student Reflections

I had an amazing experience working with our client Tayla André, with our project team, and with Professors Powers and Inge. Tayla was collaborative, creative, and inspiring to work with. She offered excellent feedback and great ideas. I learned that the skills I had developed in class were transferable and could be applied in a new industry (real estate) in a city in which I’ve never lived (Boston). I learned so much by working on a real project for a real client – the work I produce made a difference and has a real and lasting effect on her business. I was able to immediately apply the skills I learned in class to my work in communications and it has already boosted my career.


March 2021 – April 2021



Student Consultant

Ginger Irish

Project Sponsor

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I’m the founder and principal of Tayla Made Real Estate Easy, a Boston-based real estate and financial education agency focused on developing our clients holistically – financially, personally, and professionally. I am a real estate agent, mom, author, and advocate.

I am here to educate you properly on credit and teach you the strategies to find the home of your dreams. I unlock financial freedom and homeownership while addressing the whole person.

As a long-standing resource to the Boston community, I am relatable, charismatic, and bring honest and true knowledge of the city to all my conversations. My reputation for excellence has made Tayla Made Real Estate Easy a trusted resource for all of your housing and credit needs in and around the greater Boston area.

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