Developing an App for a Travel Platform  

Project Overview

The student team assisted a Massachusetts-based travel tech startup to develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms to generate personalized experiences for users. The team developed the app from scratch and made further visual and user interface refinements on the front-end using a React framework. Students employed knowledge from full-stack app development with an AWS deployment environment. 


Project Objectives

  •  App development and launch  
  •  User Interface (UI) refinement 
  •  Add images to World Map 


The Team


April 2022 – July 2022  


App Development


Jong-Kai Lee

Yinkai Wang

Hao Shen

Project Presentation

Student Reflections

I really appreciated the opportunity to engage in this valuable real-world experience; I learned a lot during every phase of the project, not only the technical part but to learn how to communicate between team members, sponsor, and professor. This experience helped me get to know how a real company operates and how to contribute as an individual worker, as well as a team player.! 

Jong-Kai Lee

The project offered us the opportunity to build an app step by step from scratch. Thinking back to week one, I could not imagine that we would end up with a workable app for the public to download from the Google or Apple store. Something I learned from this capstone class is self-learning. Most of the problems we solved in this project were new to us, and the experience will help me in my future career. 

Hao Shen

The most important I learned from this project was how to break down a big problem into many small ones. In the development process, the instructions we get are often complex and seem very difficult to implement. Still, through analysis and teamwork, we were able to brainstorm, address challenges, and complete the project on time.  

Yinkai Wang

Project Sponsor

We are Uzephra, a team primarily of data scientists and engineers from MIT’s mathematics, physics, and computer science departments with a passion for travel and experiences. We’re trying to optimize the personalization of leisure experiences by aggregating all relevant data points and using proprietary recommendation algorithms to generate quality, actionable experiences for any user anywhere on Earth.

I really enjoyed working with this team at Northeastern University as part of the web development XN project. All students were tremendously engaged and delivered high-quality output, including an app for Android and iOS and front-end improvements to various parts of the site. I hope that this experience will be memorable and a valuable positive step in the students’ careers.