Solstice Community Solar Advertising Project

Project Overview

Our capstone project team was responsible for the production of three advertising videos for Solstice Community Solar, which was founded in the belief that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy.  

Project Objectives

The goals were to generate awareness of Solstice (who they are, what the company does, and why), generate awareness of the Community Solar program (how it works and how it benefits various target audiences) in a racially diverse community in Chicago. We worked closely with the company founder, faculty, and another student team focusing on social media marketing. 

    Student Reflections

    This project has created a great chance for every one of us on the team to get involved with a real-world project. We brainstormed a ton of different ideas in the beginning, but also had to compromise and adapt while working together. Everything that goes into producing video ads posed difficult challenges, but the team came through it and were very pleased with the results.  


    April 2021 – July 2021




    Solstice Community Solar Project

    Project Sponsor

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    Solstice offers a turnkey solution for the community solar industry. We educate and connect communities to a solar garden, create financial innovations that expand access to all Americans, and provide a seamless digital platform for community solar.