Here you can learn about our goals, values, programs, and experiential learning philosophy.

Our Goal is to Inspire & Influence

Skills like creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and emotional intelligence are essential to high performing teams and organizations.

Through experiential projects, our students apply their expertise in a wide range of fields and strengthen their skills in conducting research, communicating ideas, and building client relationships. Working individually or collaborating in high-functioning teams, they address real-world challenges.

We aim to inspire and influence you by showcasing examples of their outstanding work.  

The Inspire & Influence Website Design Team

Priyanka Jalan

Project Management – Leadership

Sabrina Yi-San Liu

Digital Media – Interactive Design

Sneha Manjarekar

Project Management – Leading and Managing Technical Projects

Raissa Talehata

Digital Media – Interactive Design

Cenyue Wang

Corporate and Organizational Communications – Project Management

Victorsia Tsang

Digital Media – Social Media

Laryssa Costa de Souza

Digital Media – Interactive Design

Our Values


Bringing innovation and invention to ideas and challenges.


Working with mutual respect with our project sponosrs.


Committing drive and passion to solutions.


Promoting a postive environment with all stakeholders.

Our College of Professional Studies Programs

The Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experiential learning opportunities required to succeed in a dynamic field. Incorporating the case method, research into the latest communication trends, interactive learning formats, and experiential learning opportunities, this program addresses complex communication challenges—providing students with a distinct advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Students learn how to analyze diverse and cross-cultural stakeholder groups, develop effective and ethical communication plans and tactics, and measure the impact of communication activities. 

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The Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media offers a hands-on, collaborative way to explore core creative concepts and innovative ideas in diverse areas of the digital media world. The program provides a solid preparation in the three core digital media knowledge areas: design thinking, technical competency, and creative expression. Students build their skills and expertise while gaining familiarity with a variety of industry-standard and cutting-edge technologies and tools.

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The Master of Science in Human Resources Management program is designed to prepare students to make the connection between an organization’s strategy and its people. The program focuses on emerging human resource competencies and skills needed to navigate the evolving human resources field, including the transformational impact of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. Coupled with an emphasis on Northeastern’s signature experiential learning model where students have the opportunity to integrate material learned in the classroom with real-world experience, this program helps prepare students to be strategic business partners in their organizations. As such, they gain skills in workforce analytics and strategic workforce planning, as well as a range of functional competences such as talent acquisition, organizational design, and employee engagement. 

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Northeastern’s Experiential Network

The goal of Northeastern University’s Experiential Network (XN) is to provide students with a wide range of experiential learning opportunities in all disciplines.

The Experiential Network’s intentionally-designed project experiences empower learners to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills to address real-world challenge in for-credit and co-curricular courses.


Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Community-Engaged Teaching and Research (CETR) at Northeastern facilitates service-learning courses, which provide experiential learning opportunities for students while also supporting the community-identified goals of non-profits, schools, and other community-based initiatives.

Learn more about Community-Engaged Teaching and Research’s work on service-learning and Community-Engaged Research.