Dafont.com – Site Rebranding and Redesign  

Project Overview

Dafont has been around for decades and more or less has been very useful for graphic and web designers, as well as hobbyists to easily find useful fonts for perspective projects. What I have discovered on the website was that there are social aspects that Dafont is not harnessing to the best of its abilities. This is due to a number of factors, not receiving a design update in over a decade, not complying with current usability standards, and outdated technology. 

Project Objectives

I looked forward to this project because I was able to work under a new tech stack which has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. As a professional web developer on a growing marketing team, my responsibilities include web UI design, wire framing, and web development. From this project I have gained experience with all facets of the web development phase as well as growing my understanding of Javascript and React, and its many use cases within the MERN architecture.


  • Improve site infrastructure
  • Rebrand Dafont.com 
  • Redesign Dafont.com 




Fall 2020




Logan Irish

Dafont.com Website Redesign and Rebrand