Game Design Award

Project Overview

Jamming the Curve is a two-week, distributed “slow jam” that invites diverse creators from around the world to develop games that can help translate data into stories through the use of real scientific models.

Our student team’s entry was one of 5 awards in this worldwide competition.


Project Objectives

The project provides gamemakers access to two simulation engines, one in Unity and one in html, developed at Georgia Tech that allow them to develop games based on epidemiological models built with real world scientific data regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behavioral research shows that the two most important factors in prosocial pandemic behavior are critical thinking and belief in science. Our hypothesis is that games that can do this will motivate people to flatten the curve of Coronavirus.


September 15 – October 1


Game Design


Minghao Xu

Yue He

Yitong Guo

Featured Project

Project Sponsor

LabX is a brand new program of the National Academy of Sciences that aims to empower individuals, groups, and communities to use the sciences in order to make decisions related to their lives. Participants in LabX activities, events, and programs will come together to investigate, discuss, and collaborate on impactful, meaningful issues that are supported by evidence from scientific research.