This blog covered a lot of ground in 2018, from essential skills in today’s market to steps to build your personal brand to the link between cultural awareness and effective communication. Yet what really jumped out at me are the stories of how students and alumni are adding to their skillsets in such diverse and interesting ways, illustrated in three areas: professional effectiveness, success, and impact.

Evidence of Professional Effectiveness

For example, Jeana Delaire, Yue Huang, and Kimberly McCullen shared with us their cultural audits of distinct stakeholder groups as part of a cross-cultural communications analysis.  – “How can cultural audits affect the information age?”

When it comes to telling your story to potential employers, we had the chance to see outstanding ePortfolios from Zirui Yan, Sarah Riggs, and Jillian Porazzo. – “How ePortfolios capture your professional brand”

Evidence of Alumni Professional Success

One of our alumni, Kendall Coyne, made us part of her extraordinary experience in being part of the U.S. Women’s Hockey Team that won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.  – “Winning Olympic gold”

Mingming Wu, an alumni ambassador, demonstrated how she put her event planning skills to work in developing the first College of Professional Studies alumni event in Shenzehn, China.  – “Becoming a NU alumni ambassador”

Evidence of Industry and Community Impact

On the topic of continuous learning, we learned from alums Teeraporn Johsuntorn and Zirui Yan about the Lean in to Grow group that brings in speakers who talk with international students about career planning.  – “What would you do if you weren’t afraid – lean in to grow”

Stacy Raine gave us a personal view of her capstone project, including reflecting on how she had grown through her studies and expanded her skillset in applying concepts to a real-world need.  – “My capstone experience”

As good as each of these stories are, they only scratch the surface of the broad range of experiences and impact associated to our Corporate and Organizational Communications community. We encourage you to subscribe to receive the value added topics for the upcoming months. Stay tuned for a lot more from fellow students and alumni!

Posted by Ed Powers, Faculty