Overwhelmed, confused, and nervous… I was sitting in front of my computer screen at 2:00 a.m. on a Tuesday night (2014), staring at a list of hundreds of schools around the world that appeared in the search result for “Masters Degree in Communications.”

Education has always been my priority, and I have an endless curiosity and restlessness for learning something new at all times. I had a dream to be the first generation international degree holder in my family. After thinking about it for a couple of years, I made my decision to pursue my dream that night!

I knew there were several challenges to overcome, but the first and foremost was to determine the right school. I spent hours and hours searching for a school that fits or was nearest to my criteria. I started discussing with a few friends who were studying abroad and shared my priorities with them and learned from their journey.

 Finally, I found everything I was looking for in Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) – Masters of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication (MS COC). Always being ambitious, my priority was to enroll in a school that would broaden my perspective with an effective curriculum and expert faculty. Additionally, I was looking for an affordable tuition and a school that could give me confidence that I was investing my hard-earned money in the right school (I hail from a third world country (Pakistan), and I am sure you know that dollar is doing really well).  Easy and quick access to resources to grow me as an exceptional professional equipped with the right skills for global workplaces was part of my list too.

Making an informed decision and choosing the right school has tremendously enhanced my experience. When it comes to international learning, I have found that it was valuable to keep below-mentioned factors in mind to gain long-term success:

Perfect Blend of Theory and Practice
MS COC orientation focuses on the professional needs of the global      workforce. The cooperative education and experiential learning programs at CPS open opportunities to explore careers and network with employers.

The courses, faculty, and electives at CPS were just amazing comparing to the tuition that one would pay at other schools for the same quality of education. And, I was confident that I would gain specialized knowledge and relevant skills during the entire program. Another important point was the commute; Northeastern University is right in the heart of Boston city with many affordable neighborhoods around, accessible by public transportation.

Worldwide Connections
Gain an extensive international experience including diversity among fellows, discussing global issues in the classrooms and support from communities at the campus and around the world.

Stay tuned for the second part of my story, in which I will share my first-hand experience at CPS and in MS COC program.


Posted by Sahar Rehman, CPS ‘17