More than 205 billion emails are sent and received every day. In that same time span, 1.37 billion users log on to Facebook, another 330 million visit Twitter, the Washington Post publishes roughly 500 articles, and about 2.7
million new blog posts go live on WordPress.

That’s a lot of noise to cut through—and only a snapshot of the content that’s consumed and generated on a given day. And every day there is a new medium, social channel, or technology. What’s a communicator to do?

What skills do we need to cultivate to stay up-to-date in an incredibly dynamic field? Along with my colleagues, Patty Goodman and Ed Powers, we identified seven skill areas that will help both veteran communicators and those breaking into the field stay competitive.

Here’s our list:

  1. Start with Your Audience in Mind
  2. Choose the Right Medium for Your Message
  3. Tell a Compelling Story
  4. Measure the Impact of Your Message
  5. Integrate Communications Across the Organization
  6. Master Reputation Management
  7. Recognize the Impact of Cultures

Lauren Landry pulled our thoughts together into an eBook. Take a look. Are we on target? What skills are we missing?

Posted by Carl Zangerl, Faculty