Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni Advisory Council serves as a sounding board to the Corporate and Organizational Communication Program at Northeastern University. Council members assist with the management of the program’s communication channels, assess the quality of student ePortfolios, serve as program ambassador, and provide feedback on program initiatives.

Alumni Members of the Editorial Team: Brittany Deacon, Jessica Evans, Kerry Murphy, Jillian Porazzo, Stacy Raine, Linda Sanders

Faculty Members of Editorial Team: Patty Goodman, Ed Powers, Carl Zangerl

Alumni Advisory Council Members:
Hassan Al Baghdadi, CPS’18
Kathleen Anderson, CPS’16
Pablo Cateriano, CPS’18
Mi Nam Choe, CPS’17
Carlos Colon, CPS’17
Brittany Deacon, CPS’18
Jessica Evans, CPS’18
Dan Freiwald, CPS’10
Aileen Lambert, CPS’14
Bianca Gasser, CPS’16
Neha Kaushal, CPS’15
Tara McDonough Fritz, CPS’09
Denzil Mohammed, CPS’10
Racquel Muir, CPS’17
Kerry Murphy, CPS’18
Julie Myers, CPS’17
Georgiana Pierre-Louis, CPS’12
Jillian Porazzo, CPS’18
Stacy Raine, CPS’18
Clara Rivera Vargas, CPS’17
Alex Rochefort, CPS’17
Linda Sanders, CPS’09
Venita Valencia, CPS’14
Ziriu Yan, CPS’18